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postheadericon Get A VA Loan And Save On Closing Costs

E Loans Mortgage is proud to serve our local Florida Veterans. In honor of Veterans day, we will be waiving all origination fees for all VA borrowers who apply for a VA Loan in the month of November.

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postheadericon FAIR Files Class Action LawSuit Against Citizens Insurance

On February 7, 2012 FAIR announced a Class Action Lawsuit against Citizens Property Insurance. Attorney Mark Beausoleil, FAIR Regional Director David Welch, Steve Fingerman Board Member and President E Loans Mortgage Inc and Senator Mike Fasano, Announce FAIR’s Lawsuit against Citizens Property Insurance for their practices of inflating Replacement Cost Values and Overcharging Florida Consumers. Florida Association Of Insurance Reform Announced on Feb 7, 2012 A Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Citizens Insurance by It’s Policy Holders at The Capital Building In Tallahassee

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postheadericon Hernando County Real Estate, Real Estate in Spring Hill FL

Real Estate in most of the terms refers to the land and fixtures along with anything permanently affixed to the land. With the lot of advancement in the private property ownership, it has become a major area of business. Buying and selling a Real Estate requires a lot of investment and expertise. That is why most of the people go for Real Estate Agents for these kinds of deals.

When hiring a realtor, consider this: The Real Estate transaction requires extensive knowledge of the relevant data and then strong negotiation skills. Real Estate Agent must provide you with all of the necessary data to make a wise decision before buying or selling a home. He needs to spend hours of research to determine if property meets your needs, and is a value based investment for you and even should negotiate the best sales price on your behalf. It is important to go through the qualification and Resume of particular agent before hiring him.

In most of the developed and developing countries these Real Estate Services are getting a lot of advancements and popularities. In the United States, Real Estate Agents and their salesperson (also called brokers) assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it highest and negotiated price. When acting as a buyers agent with any signed agreement they will look for helping them for lowest possible price.
In most jurisdictions in the United States, a person need to have a license so as to receive remuneration for services entitled as a real estate broker. Unlicensed activity is illegal, but still buyers and sellers acting as principals in the sale or purchase of real estate are not required to be licensed. Still in some states, lawyers are allowed to handle real estate sales for compensation even if there do not have license as broker or agents.

When a person first is licensed to become a real estate agent, he/she obtains a real estate salesperson’s license from the state in which he/she will practice or provide his/her Real estate Services. Real Estate agents or broker has influenced a lot of cities in US like Spring Hill Fl, New Port Richey Fl, and the surrounding Tampay Bay Real Estate Market. Your decision to buy a home is both a sound financial decision and a commendable achievement. As your real estate agent please expect some following things from your agent:
He should lead you through every step of the exciting home buying process.
He must help you define your “wish list” of features you want in your home, your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

We will take care of mind-boggling financial details associated with buying a home, including understanding the various mortgages and home buying programs available to you.
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postheadericon Private Lending Information – What is Private Lending?

If you are like many investors that have seen their stock portfolio values drop significantly over the last few years, you have probably been looking for a safe alternative to the stock market. During your search you may have come across Private Lending (also commonly called Trust Deed Investing). So, what is Private Lending?

Private Lending is simply lending money secured by real estate, but what does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look at an example of what a typical investment as a Private Lender would look like.

Let’s say you happen to know a professional real estate investor that finds great bargains on single family homes and can buy homes at significant discounts. The real estate investor often needs to raise money from private individuals to fund the purchase of the property. You offer to become a Private Lender to that real estate investor and here’s what you agree.

He has found a property that is worth $200,000 that he can buy at a big discount. The property needs some repairs to bring its value back up to $200,000 but he can buy it and fix up the property for a total investment of $140,000.

You, as a Private Lender, agree to loan the investor $140,000 to purchase the property, complete the repairs on the property and market it to a buyer. You and the investor agree that 10% would be a fair interest rate for the money you are lending secured against the property. You also agree to accept payments from the real estate investor for the amount of interest earned by your investment each month.

In this case, you are getting a fixed 10% rate of return on your investment of $140,000 and it is secured by an asset that is worth more than the investment you are making. When the real estate investor sells the property, you are paid back your full investment and the final interest payment.

Can you see why getting a fixed rate of return of 10% secured against an asset that is worth 42% more than your loan amount is a very attractive alternative to investing in the stock market that can go up and down in value?

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postheadericon FHA Loans in Spring Hill FL

There are some really easy steps to getting a FHA loan in Spring Hill, FL,
There are tons of advantages for people that take advantage of the FHA loan in Spring Hill, Florida.
What can FHA loan in Spring Hill FL be used for?

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postheadericon Role Of Mortgage & Mortgage Broker

Mortgage is the financial term used in terms of money. Mortgage is a method used to obtain loan on behalf of any collateral security. Mortgage plays the dominant role in the world financial market for the purpose of obtaining money from the mortgage lenders. Mortgage broker is the other important person who helps the people to obtain mortgages from the lenders by securing a collateral security. Mortgaging is the business which fetches more demand among the people and huge number of people are engaged in the activity of providing mortgages for the public.

Generally, mortgages will be provided based on securing any real or personal property for payment of debt obtained. Nowadays, mortgage and mortgage dealers play the important and essential role in the world market. Mortgages are provided by the financial institutions, banks and many other financial sources. Mortgage dealers are available in the market in more numbers and nowadays most of the people are interested in mortgage business. Real and personal properties can be secured as the collateral security to obtain payment debt.

There is standard method of obtaining mortgages loan and each institutions formality differs. Generally, mortgage loan are obtained for construction of residential and commercial properties and for purchase of different kinds of house property. Mortgages are the instrument used for the purpose of obtaining loan or financial sources which can be obtained for different interest rates. Mortgage loans will be issued for different interest rates and the interest rate varies as per the institution and banks issued. Most of the people obtain mortgages for their houses, business, marriage, education or for any other kind of issues.

Arranging mortgage from the financial institution is not the difficult task and for the purpose only mortgage brokers are exist in the market. To arrange credit loans and advances, mortgage brokers provides excellent, unique and uncreditable performance to the customers. Over the past years mortgage brokers were finds to be listed in few numbers. But now due to increase in population and requirement of the people more number of mortgages and mortgage institutions has been started. To perform excellent performance in mortgage business, proper experience and knowledge is required for the business.

Because of the extensive performance and demand of the mortgage brokers, more number of mortgages is provided. Nowadays, mortgage loans are provided for reasonable interest rate to enable customers to obtain mortgages from this kind of banks, financial institutions. The profession of mortgage business broker differs according to each state and his style. Mortgage broker of each state is required to obtain mortgage broker license from the state and federal government to engage in the business. Without mortgage broker license, the mortgage broker cannot able to perform the mortgage broker business.

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postheadericon Your Money – Finance Column – Fixed Versus Variable Rate Mortgage

There are various mortgages available in the loan market today. The various forms of mortgages are fixed rate mortgage, graduated payment mortgage, variable rate mortgage, interest only mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, negative amortization mortgage, and balloon payment mortgage. Of these fixed and variable rate mortgages are very popular.

A fixed rate mortgage (FRM) is a mortgage where the rate of interest remains the same throughout the term of the loan. A variable rate mortgage is a form of mortgage wherein the rate of interest varies or is adjusted. Though the variable rate mortgage may have payment term that is fixed, the interest rate can change. The rate is determined by prevailing market conditions.

Fixed rate mortgages have rigid conditions though new products are available which are popular. A fixed rate mortgage can be good if one wants to carefully budget repayment. Here you know exactly how much you need to repay which means payment can be planed accordingly which can give you a degree of security and certainty.

A fixed rate mortgage is

1. Predictable and secure. The borrower is not exposed to increasing interest rates due to market condition or due to any other reason.

2. Higher cost in short term: The interest rate charged for a fixed rate mortgage is generally higher than the initial interest rate for a variable rate mortgage.

3. Ideal for long-term ownership: In the long term, the rate of interest on a variable rate mortgage can exceed that of a fixed rate mortgage.

Variable rate mortgages generally provide flexibility and options, but they can be highly risky in a rising interest rate market in case your have overcapitalized on your loan. The important aspect while availing a variable rate mortgage is to plan and budget for increase in interest rates and also make sure that it is possible for you to meet your repayment obligations in case rates rise.

A variable rate mortgage is

1. Good for short-term ownership: If you plan to sell your house before the adjustable rate comes into force then you can benefit from lower initial fixed rate.

2. Good when market rates fall: If you are confident that the index can go down in the near future, then you can pay low interest rates in the future.

Most experts suggest fixed rate mortgage as better option in case there is likelihood of interest rate rise in the medium to long term. But benefits gained might not be enough to cover the fees to be paid to switch from a variable to a fixed rate mortgage. The important point is to check your own financial situation and then consider a change.

It is pointed out by experts that the fixed rates never fall below the standard variable rate for a long period of time. In case fixed rates do fall, then it is good idea to fix at least some part of the mortgage.

The type of mortgage which suits you wholly and solely depends on your ability to handle the rate of interest fluctuations.

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postheadericon Florida real estate – Is it Really Worth It

You must have heard that “Florida is where the sun shines”. Florida has a semi-tropical climate; Nature has endowed Florida with gorgeous white sand beaches, blue lagoons lined with palm trees and tropical flora which make Florida real estate highly attractive. Florida real estate is really good for those who wants to escape the vagaries of weather elsewhere in America and also add to his enjoyment through the Miami beach and Orlando theme parks.

Florida real estate is also highly attractive for people who like to treat Florida real estate as an investment opportunity for making profits. Florida real estate makes investment sense with the property prices rising as much as 25%. If you wanted to look for a good deal in Florida real estate, you should start with looking for places that are still in their development phase or places where the prices are not cheap but are expected to rise in the years to come. This is a good alternative for people who are looking to pick up Florida real estate as an investment option. This is also good for people who are looking for Florida real estate or a house in Florida to live in by themselves but don’t mind a bit of inconvenience that is generally associated with a newly developed area.

You first need to decide a location which is suitable for you. This might depend on your reason behind going for Florida real estate. One indicator for expected price rise is the invasion of a lot of businesses in the area. Industry and business propels the development in the area and hence causes the real estate prices to rise.

Certainly, distress sales, auctions and bank foreclosures are like evergreen opportunities that are available in any place and you should always explore them. If you are going for Florida real estate for personal use, then you would be looking at a number of different factors which would basically be related to your convenience and quality of life. If you have not purchased an investment home in Florida then you are missing one of largest real estate opportunities in recent history.

So, Florida is where the sun shines and also making Florida real estate shine.

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postheadericon Mortgage lending rises 16% in June

Further signs are starting to be seen within the mortgage industry that the market continues to improve, with the mortgagor and the mortgage broker both benefiting from a 16% rise in mortgage lending seen in June within the UK. Gross mortgage lending within the nation totalled 12.6 billion in June, representing a 16% increase from the previous month. The latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders are likely to benefit the mortgage industry.

The latest figures show the highest monthly total in mortgage lending since July 2010, although a 3% decrease in mortgage lending figures is still seen from this time last year. Gross lending throughout the second quarter of 2011 stood at 33.5 billion within the UK, a 11.1% increase to the 30.1 billion seen lent within the first quarter of 2011, yet once more a 3% decrease on the second quarter of 2010.

Bob Pannell, chief economist at the CML, says: “The UK economy continues to experience disappointing economic growth, strong consumer price pressures, falling disposable incomes and an uncertain jobs market. his backdrop weighs negatively on purchase decisions relating to home ownership.”

Pannell says: “UK households have made progress in bringing down debt burdens over the past year or so, but this largely stems from the restricted levels of new mortgage lending, unsecured write-offs and nominal income growth. Households in aggregate are not repaying their mortgage debt more quickly.”

It should be noted however that the buy to let mortgage market has increased substantially in recent months, in a move which should help to underpin mortgage lending over the coming months and benefit the mortgage broker industry. Lending within the first half of the year has totalled 63.7 billion, just slightly less that the 64.1 billion offered by mortgage providers within the UK in the first half of 2010.

Although these figures continue to show that the mortgage market is not out of the water and is still struggling to assert itself through difficult economic times, today’s news can only benefit the industry. With more mortgage packages being offered and mortgage rates continually decreasing, it seems that it is only a matter of time before consumers start to increase their confidence once more within the property and mortgage markets, benefiting the mortgage broker and the individual mortgagor alike.

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