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Stop Citizens Insurance Rate Hikes

Citizens Insurance, the state run insurance company in Florida is proposing a major increase on Sink Hole Policies in Florida that would increase premiums by anywhere from 200%-4,000%. This increase would negatively impact home affordability and home ownership in Florida and would severly damage local Real Estate Markets. E Loans Mortgage Inc in Spring Hill FL does not support such an increase, and I urge you to contact your Local and State Represantatives as well as Citizens to let them know that this increase is simply not acceptable. You can find all the links to the right people to contact listed below. This is an Urgent Call To Action and we recomend that you share this information with everyone you know. Flood your elected officials with phone calls, emails, and let them know that you demand better from them right now!

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Click Below To Contact The Appropriate Parties

Citizens Insurance Contact Page

Contact Governer Rick ScottĀ 

To Find Your Florida Representative

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